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Re: Movies: that last shot

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How the hell has no one mentioned...?

"Hey Doc you better back up, we don't have road to get up to 88."
"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads."


Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote: View Post
You know, it's cool that this thread kind of morphed form my original idea, where we talk about final, powerful last shots into films, into a sort of game where we post and identify a film based on its last shot, memorable or not.

I love this shot because, after an hour or so of (mostly) fun and games as Graysmith pursues his passion, we're reminded right at the end of the tragedy and horror of the killing spree. This young man just looks destroyed, even after all the years since. (@FSM: cool story! )

"There's a storm coming."
"I know."

Not much subtlety here, but sometimes one doesn't need any. Sarah's a forever changed woman, determined to take the future on.

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Vertigo -

Any other film would have ruined it with some shitty resolution epilogue that ends the movie on a more "complete" note. Vertigo gives the audience no such comfort. Abrupt death, complete despair, end of the movie.

Aye, Hitch certainly knew how to end a film. Here's an alternate ending I once cooked up to PJ's King Kong, inspired by the Master:

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