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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

Keep in mind all the "TV shorthand" going on. For example, we always see the "away team" entering the transporter room from the main corridor fully equipped for their mission. Once in a while we may see the transporter operator handing over, or receiving phasers and the like. Realistically, a transporter section would have several transporter rooms, along with extra elevators (cargo, etc.) and equipment rooms (armory, scientific field gear, attire for various climates, etc.). The section might even have its own communication station, rather than routing everything through the bridge comm officer, as seen in the series.

Then again, maybe not. Consider the cell phones of today, with voice recognition and all the computer controlled functions of the network compared to the "walkie-talkies" of the '60s. Likewise, it may not be necessary to have a huge staging area surrounding the transporting rooms. But it seems sensible to contemporary audiences.
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