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Re: Dallas - Season 2

Just saw the episodes last night and I agree with what's been said. The new cast members have really stepped up their game. And Rebecca is especially more interesting in her new role. Funny… We've got Pam back, but in a way we didn't expect. Last season, I wondered how they'd keep her on the show, but it looks like she'll be a real mainstay now.

Speaking of laughing out loud at J.R., I laughed at this…

Sue Ellen: ...I broke the law and I wouldn't learn my lesson if I tried to squirm out of this.
J.R.: That's why you have me darlin'. I never learned my lesson.
Hagman did look a bit unwell and sounded raspy, but he's still got it. I'll miss him when he goes, but it looks like the rest of the cast will be able to hold the show. I both look forward to and dread J.R.'s final episode in a few weeks. The fallout of him finally being gone will be something. I wonder how Cliff will react.
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