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Re: Charlie Brooker's Wiping again

Haggis and tatties wrote: View Post
It was fantastic Bob.......30 mins of sheer entertainment.....Doug S was brilliant on his rant about the UK......Brooker was of course his good old self......and lets not forget Barry shitpeas on Africa. lol

Ok things are looking up now on the TV.....Top gear just started....Screenwipes is back Black mirror on the way.....
Indeed it was. As soon as it finished I wished there was more. I hope 10 'Clock Live comes in right after to fill in the hole left in my life by no more Weekly Wipe.

On the score of TV looking up, we also have Being Human 5 starting on Sunday, Utopia on right now, Derek was actually entertaining. So yeah, TV is looking up.

The Mirrorball Man wrote: View Post
Who is Charlie Brooker and what is a "wipe"?
Charlie Brooker is a columnist, formerly TV reviewer, in the Guardian. Writer of Black Mirror, A Touch of Cloth, Dead Set and a few other things, and presents/presented Screen Wipe, News Wipe, Games Wipe, 201x Wipe, You Have Been Watching, How TV Ruined Your Life and 10 O'Clock Live. Example of his stuff here:

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