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Re: The best continuity...?

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* The Q, Borg, Species 8472, and Hirogen story arcs from Voyager, all of which were extended over the course of multiple episodes and seasons and were progressive, with each subsequent piece of each arc building on the previous installment
I do think that the Borg were overused to the point where they were never really much of a threat--seeing as one starship beat them every time.

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* The Archer vs. the Klingon Empire, Temporal Cold War, and Xindi story arcs from Enterprise, all of which again were progressively built and extended over the course of multiple episodes and/or seasons
Though when S3 began everything related to the TCW was dropped, then wound up in a single episode that never bothered to answer who the 'Future Guy' was, or what the over all point of the TCW was. The Xindi arc was done well, with everything building up and up to the finale (with a dud episode here and there, but no season is perfect). I did love seeing just how much of a beating the NX-01 could take, without being magically fixed by the next episode (if only VOY had done something similar).

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Anyway, this is veering off topic, so I digress. DS9 was definitely the most consistent when it came to establishing and maintaining continuity, but there's not the huge discrepancy between it and the series that followed it that I think a lot of people might think there are.
DS9 wasn't the only series to have recurring plot elements, themes, species and characters, both VOY and ENT had them as well (so did TNG though not to the same extent), but DS9 was just in a better position to do it, since they were a station.
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