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Re: If Not Wonder Woman...Then Who?

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It was the same look on the Russian guy's face the first time they did the purported joke. Don't want to be quarrelsome, but it sure isn't a fact that the same joke is funnier the second time round. I don't think there was even any particular mirth the first time.
Of course you want to be quarrelsome. If anything, that moment sets up the moment later with Loki. And she took on THE Trickster God... and won. It's funny. The audience I saw it with LAUGHED.

Now it's nice for you if you could believe that,
See... right there... being condescending... THAT'S meant to be quarrelsome. Yeah. I believe that seen is funny. So do a LOT of other people.... So, why don't you dial it back a little?

but really, since there's no difference between Loki's dumb expression and Russian whozis' dumb expression, the bang from the second scene comes from the pizzazz added by Loki's use of the word "quim."

As I said, the Russian scene sets it up... and we think that Loki ACTUALLY gets under her skin.

It's fine you didn't like it. But for a lot of other people, it did.

There's a reason why I rated the movie as no better than a C.
Great! So?

And there's a reason why I found it completely unwatchable on DVD. The movie's just not good enough without the real pizzazz of a movie screen. This reliance on shock value in this scene exposes Whedon's failure to write a good script.
I don't think the script was a failure... out of the ballpark, no. I think the beginning, getting the team together is pretty slow. But once everyone is together, it's a lot of fun, the characters feel like they do in other movies, and there's some fun moments... "Puny God" comes to mind.
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