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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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You mean the ones that responded to a territorial invasion by just blowing up the outpost on the planet in question up without so much as a you have violated our space communication and then lured the Enterprise into the area and tricked some of its senior officers down to the planet to either capture or kill them, those Gorn?
I agree with Hartzilla2007 on that. From my view, there's so little established about the species that I don't see any continuity harm. We know they're aggressive, slow on physical attacks and crafty enough to lure the Enterprise into a trap. But that's about it.
There people out there who don't think of NuTrek as an alternative universe?
It's an alternate timeline in the same multiverse. The film, the tie-in novels and Word of God all say the timeline split in 2233 when Nero appeared, that they share the same past. That 2233 split wouldn't explain how the Gorn suddenly became extra-galactic conquerors.

"Arena" was a misunderstanding. The Gorn found a human outpost in their territory and had a fit. If they were this ruthless force who'd dominated an entire galaxy, why didn't they do the same to our galaxy? It doesn't fit the peaceful ending of "Arena" or the continuing peace in DS9's time.
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