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Re: Is it smart to have families on the Enterprise-D?

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Somebody brought this up or an aspect of this in another thread and now it kind of bugs me. When the Enterprise takes on the borg, romulans and other baddies, they're hauling a large contingent of family with them. Doesn't that seem like they're putting a lot of innocent people at risk? Starfleet is never safe business and while I get that family near military can help morale, it seems I would operate better if I knew that my family was safe as opposed to under the same threat as me. It just doesn't seem realistic that the enterprise would have family onboard regardless of what century it is. The saucer separation made more sense but obviously really slowed down episodes. Still how can the flagship of the Federation and be sent on these important missions with so many civilians on board that are put at risk?
The was no real danger for the families....

...unless it would have been in the spript and then they could have made the saucer seperation.
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