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Re: Question for the Parents on TrekBBS

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Anecdote is subjective experience, and therefore it is always biased. In this particular case, I suspect you are experiencing a huge amount of Confirmation Bias. You are not displaying any neuropsychological modesty, and that is absolutely necessary to get an accurate image of the world. You must recognize that our brains are not accurate recorders of our experience and environments, that our perceptions and memories are inherently flawed, and that our natural ways of thinking are neither logical nor correct. Anecdotal evidence is worse than worthless, because not only does it give us incomplete and inaccurate impressions of the world, it can actually lead us to wrong conclusions.

The evidence I provided, on the other hand, is scientific evidence. These studies have been controlled to eliminate the natural biases in human thinking, and to account for other possible variables, such as children who already had difficult temperaments, exposure to other forms of violence, socio-economic status, etc. These are very well controlled studies, in fact. You cannot compair your anecdote with real evidence, because they aren't even in the same league.
Have I ever mentioned that I am a statisticophile? Because you made me kind of aroused with this.
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