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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

Oh, I so loved this film, probably like no other QT movie since Dogs (when I first saw Pulp, I was actually a little disappointed by it). At turns brutal, funny, chilling, uplifting and moving. Never dull. Not a bad performance. At times, I nearly wet myself laughing (the Klansman and their hoods, Stephen's response when told Django would be sleeping in the big house), at times I was appalled by the cruelty onscreen (not by the depiction, but by the knowledge that things like this happened to real people).

I'm a Western fan anyway and just loved the soundtrack and the big vistas. The dialogue was top-notch as always but I think this may have been Quentin's finest outing as a director (not necessarily his best movie, just that his directing seemed even more capable than before).

I saw it last night, still the first month of the year, but it has to be a contender for movie of 2013.
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