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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

Another one bites the dust.

I was not overly fond of Kol, but to me he was the only person making sense. RIP

Silas = Bad Idea Y'all

The one thing that keeps me from loathing Rebecca is the notion that all she really wants is a mortgage and to grow old with someone. I like that she is endlessly fascinated by mundane activities because she just wants drive a Prius and eventually become a member of AARP.

Plus, right now she is keeping at least one Salvatore semi off the Gilbert bandwagon and I like that. The look on Saint Elena's face when she realized that Stefan was not going to do her bidding and put Rebecca in storage was pretty priceless.

Bonnie is finally getting a story but I am sad for her. Granted Abby and Daddy Bennett are not going to win any parenting awards, but Bonnie just blithely causing Abby pain is a real measure of how far Professor Shane has taken her down the wrong path.

I still think Gilbert and Co are nitwits.

Jeremy might be getting a few brain cells. At least he acknowledged that he might have to go on the run with Katherine once Klaus makes it out of casa Gilbert. (Her name drop and Klaus being indisposed at the moment makes me think that Katherine is in on the Silas hunt.)

I sort of felt sorry for Kol, Klaus and all. Kol made a good point when he stated that Klaus probably did not have a real reason for putting him (Kol) in a coffin in the first place. Klaus probably just had a bad hair day and decided to shelf his baby bro. It is telling though how fast Klaus acted when he realized that Kol was in real trouble. Joseph Morgan's face in that doorway as Kol was dying was a great image.

Does it creep anyone else out that the Gilberts just became mass murderers? Jeremy is now programmed to kill vampires, but... When they killed Finn, they had no idea that killing him would end countless others. But with Kol, they knew what they were doing and did not care. Kol was a loose cannon, but who is to say that the other beings tied to him were all that bad and deserving of death? ...and they were not doing it for the greater good.... It just seemed selfish.

Well...stay tuned to see what the ninnies pull next week.
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