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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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I really love Bobby Justman's style. Hopefully his memo will put an end to these unfounded claims / excuses for lack of proper TOS research that "they often didn't know what they were doing." (which were also quite upsetting my stomach, I should add).

That passionate devotion to detail clearly indicates the contrary.
But the memo doesn't really support that. It shows one producer relying on memory, and apparently forgetting the Matt Decker insignia and the "Balance of Terror" Outpost insignia.

The wardrobe department could easily have put together a notebook or file with the previously-used insignia and what they were supposed to mean (and maybe what the commander/lieutenant commander stripes were, while they were at it). If there's a question, look here, there's the answer. Apparently they didn't have anything to reference. And that's completely understandable, they had bigger things to worry about. But it doesn't really indicate a passionate devotion to detail.

Interesting memo, though, thanks to Harvey for posting.

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