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Re: TOS Phasers

Not an exhaustive list:

The Conscience of the King had a kill setting, and also overload.

Stun seems to have at least two levels: a mild slap-in-the-face stun as seen in The Man Trap, and then the knockout stuns seen elsewhere.

Scotty used a phaser to cut through a bulkhead in The Naked Time; "blowtorch" could be its own different setting. Under the original effects, there was no beam shown at all in that case (as if it was --say-- infrared).

Besides settings per se, there are other differences in the beams used in TOS, such as between type I and II power as stated in The Devil in the Dark, and whether multiple beams are emitted as shown in The Enemy Within. Also, ordinarily, stun was a different sort of strike on the target from other settings. Frankly, there was a lot of variation in the different kinds of beams emitted.

Also, the original effects on Wink of an Eye showed a diffuse phaser sweep effect which saturated a corridor, to Kirk's command to "sweep the area" with a stun setting, in contrast to the remastered effects which are more beam like, as shown here.
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