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Re: Galileo Restoration Update - Jan 2012

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...most of the model painted over with primer grey.
That's bull. That was the original color, unless you seriously want to claim, that all the original markings down to the small print at the saucer's underside were painstakingly recreated after such a previous paint job.

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At no time during its previous history since leaving Paramount had the model been displayed in as authentic condition as after Ed worked on it.
I should add that I was utterly disappointed to learn that this was Ed Miarecki's doing. I held the man in high esteem for his original starship models for the TNG Wolf 359 graveyard scene for which I am - still today - grateful.

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And in the process, he airbrushed some heavy lines onto the surface. Boo-fucking-hoo.
There's a difference between "restoration" and "revisionism".

The creator of the Enterprise, Walter Matt Jefferies, deliberately gave the ship a smooth surface and fought all aspirations to add any protruding elemens. Before the "restoration" the ship looked like it could belong to the 23rd Century, constructed with advanced technology.
Now, it looks archaic and even our welding techniques today no longer leave welding lines or weathering stains (there is no weather promoting rust in space).

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"Gratitude" is not chief among the attributes of many vocal fans.
What is this? I altered the original model and pray I don't alter it any further?
At least one good thing that came out of the "restoration" were previously unavailable close-up shots of the original model my friend Andy is using to make an exact recreation of the original model.
For that we are very grateful.

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