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Re: Weird things we do in our sleep

According to the other half, I tend to snore when I'm going off to sleep, this is normally exacerbated if I've been drinking that night, I have no conscious awareness of my doing this. I am aware though that I do do that little full body jerk thing as I'm drifting off, sometimes they are big enough to wake me, other times, not so much. I'll also wake up, or just be more aware of things in the middle of my sleep cycle and discover the duvet is my side more than hers, not sure if that's because she pushes it towards me, I pull it towards myself or a bit of both.

She on the other hand will fidget in her sleep and will even sometimes push me in her sleep. We've also had quiet a few conversations in the middle of the night, once even asking me to sing, luckily or not, she can't remember such conversations come morning, something I find rather amusing.
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