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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Animal things. Wesley was killed by them. He got better.
B is for Bob, Gillian Taylor's co-worker at the Cetacean Institute. He was a son of a BITCH!
C is for Gary 7's shape-shifting cat, Isis.
D is for Denobulan Breakfast Sausage.
E is for Enterprise, the first space shuttle developed by Earth.
F is for ferry, what the Enterprise does for diplomats and refugees.
G is for the Gorn Hegemony, the interstellar nation-state of our fine, hulking lizard friends.
H is for Horny Starfleet Captains.
I is for Ilia's bald head.
J is for Jamaharon.
K is for the Klingon Defense Forces, the military and exploratory branch of the Imperial Klingon government.
L is for Louisiana, birthplace of Ben Sisko.
M is for Moon. Vulcan doesn't have one.
N is for Nomad.
O is for Organians. As high above us on the evolutionary scale as we are above amoeba.
P is for Pakled spaceships, a mishmash of parts and technology from different species always in need of maintenance.
Q is for Quasar-like phenomenon.
R is for Reegrunion. One of the most wanted criminals on display in Odo's office on DS9 was a Reegrunion.
S is for Spock's afro comb.
T is for Thomas Paris. Call him Tom. Everybody does.
On Halloween Night the Great Temporal Pumpkin rises out of his chroniton patch and flies through space with his bag of new timelines for all the children.

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