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Re: Which Cast Got Along the Best? And Worst?

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Re: Beltran, I remember this being the case as well. Both Beltran and Wang seemed to be the most vocal detractors of their experiences with the show, always wanting more dialog and episode directing opportunities, seeing that some of the others were getting it.
That had more to do with neither of them ever taking their work professionally or putting much effort in. Wang wasn't willing to take the directing courses that all the other Trek Actors-turned-Directors did, IIRC.
From what I`ve seen and heard (check the vids from conventions last year- Vegas and Peterborough) , the Voyagercast seamed to be like a great family (Roxanne said so).
Look at this Picardointerview

You and the Voyager boys usually have a dinner once or twice a year. Didn’t last year’s get-together actually occur on January 16?

Picardo: Yes, it did. We have our dinner at the Palm (in Los Angeles), and last year I made the reservation on the 16th without realizing that it was our exact anniversary. Everybody made it except Tim Russ, who was recording something, and we talked to him on the phone from the table. And Garrett (Wang) actually tweeted a picture of us around the table. We’ll do that again later this month, have our usual dinner, but this time we’ll be missing Ethan Phillips, who’s back in New York City doing stage work. Once in a while it’s all of us, but it usually seems like we’re missing one person, and it’s usually a different missing person each year. But I love it. It’s fun that we all stay in touch. I talk to the guys pretty regularly, and I talk to Kate (Mulgrew) pretty regularly.

Do you have that with any other cast from any other show or film you’ve worked on?

Picardo: No. Frankly, part of it with Voyager comes from the fact that we see so much of each other during our personal appearances that we’ve maintained the friendships. We have scheduled reunions, in a way, especially with the big show in Vegas every year. It seems that a chunk of us are in Vegas every year, and a couple of us are usually together at other events around the world during the year. So that’s already there, though getting together for dinner is definitely a choice, a social event. We go out of our way to do it, and it’s fun. I’m not in regular contact with Robert Beltran, for example, so it’s great to know I’ll see him at these dinners. I talk to Garrett all the time, but we don’t see each other all that much. So, it’s really important that we do these dinners. Everyone feels like, if they’re in town, they show up
Robert Beltran interview after finishing the third season

Do you enjoy working on Star Trek: Voyager and being part of the whole Star Trek phenomenon?

Robert Beltran: It has grown on me and yes, I do, I enjoy going to work and I enjoy our cast immensely. We have great producers and great writers. The fans are terrific; very loyal and very caring about the show. You can't ask for anything more than that. I'm really enjoying it.

We take our work seriously but at the same time, we don't let it get in the way of having fun.

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