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Re: Going Veggie

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
An interesting article, but I can't say I'm shocked by the "revelation." A diet rich in veggies and fruits must be healthy, whether or not it's fully vegetarian.

Now, did anyone else got hungry seeing the picture in the article, or such a veggie porn works only on me?
It looked delicious! The more I delve into the veggie side, the more I'm becoming like the veggie monster. It's like the cookie monster, but with lower glucose levels.

teacake wrote: View Post
The coconut milk mentions inspired me, made this in the slow cooker and am eating now:

A very basic curry. Jap pumpkin, potato cubed, red capsicum, peas, grated ginger, thai red curry paste. Can of coconut milk after cooking. Dollop of yogurt with chillie powder on it. Brown rice.
To hell with cooking. You should just come over to my house, because that looks really good.

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