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Re: Which Cast Got Along the Best? And Worst?

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My recollection from an interview somewhere was that Beltran seemed to resent how the writers gave Picardo so many good storylines and things to do.

If I got this right, Beltran was told that "the Doctor" was getting good material because Picardo would come up with ideas himself and pitch them all the time. And Beltran complained about it, essentially saying "that's not my job" and you should be coming up with better things for me to do.
Sour grapes. A tv show is a dynamic thing, & ultimately, you get out of it what you put into it, especially when it's kind of a soap opera format set to sci-fi

McNeill's Tom Paris had no more a gimmick than Beltran or Wang, & what HE got was a relationship, which is what O'Brien got too

& usually those go to the characters that are most likable. Had Beltran & Wang done more to present themselves as being more interesting, then they'd maybe have been more likable or at least more engaging

Then you get better stuff to play. It's a two way street. You can't blame it all on the writers. Most of the time they're just writing for the people up on the screen, & the people up on the screen are in the hands of the actor

They just strike me as uninspired actors, who had no investment in their characters, or they'd have found a way to make something more of them

Yeah, but to be fair, Robert Picardo was an energetic genius. He had extra talents (especially his singing), and his own creative ideas were not just plentiful but good.

Whenever Picardo was paired with VOYAGER's other true star, Jeri Ryan (who also sang, and elevated the show far beyond the face-and-figure value she was hired for), the series reached its greatest heights. Seven and the Doctor were sensational together.

By contrast, nothing in seven years rang as fake and hollow, as tacked on, as the Seven/Chakotay relationship. It made me feel disappointed in Seven, that she would simplistically do what workaday women do: choose the tall, broad-shouldered corporeal guy instead of the talented, witty hololgraphic one. She let us down.
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