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Re: Galileo Restoration Update - Jan 2012

The nitpicking meanness gets ridiculous sometimes.

The only reason the old Enterprise model still exists is almost certainly the fact that it's been owned and displayed by the Smithsonian for decades. And BTW, over time the thing falls apart as a result of the limitations of its own construction - heavy wooden and wooden-framed parts bolted together without a metal armature sag and warp under their own weight. If you go take a good close look at it in the gift shop, it's happening again. The thing is not built like a shooting miniature but like a big old piece of furniture.

Imagine that shuttlecraft uptopic being treated the way it has, but without a steel framework holding it together to begin with. That is what your blessed Enterprise model would probably be like today without NASM.

For a pittance (the Smithsonian was unwilling to fund an archival restoration) Ed completely disassembled the model, reconstructed cracked and broken parts, fabricated replacements for missing parts, rewired the thing so everything that was supposed to light up now lights up - he even got those nacelle caps rotating again, something that had never been attempted by the Smithsonian "restorers." The previous reconstructions of the model were far less attentive and faithful to the original than Ed - the ship had always been displayed with bright cherry-red nacelle caps and a great big bowl of a deflector dish, most of the model painted over with primer grey.

At no time during its previous history since leaving Paramount had the model been displayed in as authentic condition as after Ed worked on it.

And in the process, he airbrushed some heavy lines onto the surface. Boo-fucking-hoo.

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