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Re: The Hottest woman on Voyager was Naomi Wildman

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And yet when you hear those stories where an older guy hooks up with a 20 something they knew when the 20 something was a child and the older guy was an adult everyone goes EWWWWW...
But presumably none of us knew Scarlett Pomers or Hana Hatae back then. We just saw recorded images of them projected on our televisions. Nor does any of us have any realistic prospect of hooking up with them. We're just looking at more recent pictures of them.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
The problem here is that when your first memory of someone is as a very young child, it's hard to see them as any other than that. Especially when you recognize the name right away.
But that memory is, let's face it, pretty darn old. DS9 premiered twenty years ago. That's nearly half my lifetime -- and a considerably larger fraction for a lot of other people on this forum. Is it healthy to let our perceptions in the present be so dominated by such antiquated memories?
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