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Female changeling stupid??


I watched the final episode last night and thought it was mostly good.. I thought the Pah Wraith story line was a bit of an anti climax tho and was disappointed that they dealt with that story and the final battles with the dominion completely separately. would've thought they were going to make them intersect in some way.. Anyway..

One thing made no sense to me though.. Why did the woman shapeshifter order the destruction of the Cardassian city when they were depending on the Cardassian military in order to have any chance of defeating the Federation/Klingon/Romulan Fleet. Surely that is a monumental blunder, and if she/it hadn't given that order it's likely that battle (and the war) would've had a totally different outcome..

I mean they were concerned about a full on Cardassian uprising and then they go and do the one thing that absolutely guarantees that every Cardassian is going to turn on the them.. Surely they know that the Cardassians are so proud they'd never allow an atrocity like that committed against their people to go unpunished. The result is the Cardassian Fleet turning on the Dominion and the Cardassian guards killing the Jem'Hadar that are about to execute Kira, Demar, and Garak.. Nice one!

Why didn't she hold off until after the all important battle. Once they'd repelled the invading fleet she could've dealt with the Cardassians however she pleased...

I can remember one other instance when she ordered the Breen/Jem'Hadar to not attack and destroy all of the escape pods after the battle where Defiant #1 got destroyed.. the escape pods containing Sisqo, Worf, and other high profile targets.. I mean i get the idea behind it, let some survive so they tell others of the horrors of the Breen and the Dominion.. but at least kill the crew of the Defiant while you have the chance! Sisqo has been responsible for all the Dominion major defeats to date and they know that.. yet they pass up an easy opportunity to kill him..
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