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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

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So is the idea that something could be "not discriminatory". <SNIP> Thus, it is a very relevant point whether the discrimination inherent in a caste system would be less tolerable than that inherent in all other systems.
The relevant question is, "Is it oppressive?"

Caste-based discrimination is oppressive, and there is no such thing as caste without oppression. Thus it is banned by the Federation.

A caste system need not be too different from this: different rights for different people, but none of it particularly malevolent or detrimental.
This is sophistry in search for a rhetoric to justify the unjustifiable, to make palatable the idea of a system that would in reality be inherently oppressive. Your argument is, in other words, pure bullshit.


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You can't vote in a Finnish election, Sci. That is discrimination, but that is good discrimination we all support, with arms if necessary. In turn, I can't vote for or against my favorite US Presidential candidate.
And neither the Republic of Finland nor the United States of America would be ready for Membership in the United Federation of Planets were it real.

Also, this is hardly the same as caste-based discrimination. If I wanted, I could apply to become a Finnish citizen; if you wanted, you could apply to become a United States citizen. While the process would be difficult, neither of us is irrevocably prevented from voting in one-another's elections.
Democratic socialism is the hope of human freedom.

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