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I remember reading an interview with Frakes here years ago where he said that Judd point blank refuses to acknowledge that she was ever in TNG.
Is it possible Frakes was speaking tongue in cheek, due to Judd's rising popularity after Trek?

The saddest story I ever heard came from Frakes at a convention, involving Wil Wheaton, while the show was still in its first three years.

Someone asked why Wil had stopped making appearances, and Frakes said at Wil's first convention, the fans booed him as he came on stage.
That whole arc is weird.

Hot property because of Stand By Me

Gets on TNG

Saves the ship 2 1/2 times, but gets treated like he's Cousin Oliver on Galactica '80.

Like everyone else when they got them into a Starfleet uniform...really seems to come into his own when they get a real uniform on him. The potential for contrast with Picard (As seen in Final Mission) was great, but he leaves the show.

Gets booed at conventions and finally has to convince himself that its ok and justifiable to sneer at Wesley for him to come to terms with things.

I have no idea where his mindset is these days. At least he seems happy, but he shouldn't have to breath a word of apology to anyone for his work on TNG.

Re: Ashley Judd. Her appearance was one of those where you immediatly know she's going to be a star. Like Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza.
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