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Re: Dallas - Season 2

Just saw it "on demand" yesterday. I'm really liking what they're doing with the younger cast now. They really have stepped up their game. The plot with Emma was kinda "meh" there, until Judith Light showed up. Damn, now she's a demented bitch! I didn't see Emma's kidnapping as a mindfuck at all. Wow. I'd like to see her and JR go toe-to-toe a little before his final episode.

This gets us to the plot with Sue Ellen. I gasped when she poured herself a drink, but I'm so glad they only sent us to the edge there. I really like the way JR is going out - he admits to being a bastard, and he's there to help his son, but at the same time, he's much more of antihero now - coming to Sue Ellen's rescue and telling her how proud he is of her now. That's not something the old JR would have done. I really hope that when he goes out he'll have done something really good for them all for a change while at the same time twisting a knife in somebody's back - preferably Judith Light, just for tickles and grins.

He got double bonus JR points for suggesting they go hire a bunch of wranglers to go beat the shit out of Cliff Barnes. LOL. I'm from the South and I have actually said that to people sometimes just for laughs: "They did what? Well, I say we hire us up a bunch of wranglers to go beat the shit of him and his truck."

Oh, and I see they are going to pit the boys' secretaries at each other. That's an old trick from the original series' playbook. Cool!
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