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Re: Star Trek Begins - A New Direction

We are not posting anything here that is not open to anyone to find out. We have not given any "number" as to the Farragut fees, but to say they were kinda steep for our non-profit volunteer production. But with that said, they have every right to set their own price because their sets are top notch and provide all the original sets created for the actual TV show. They are very impressive. We don't think making a comment like this is any different than saying a certain restaurant is expensive, but they have great food.

Starship Ajax has posted openly (including on Facebook) that their sets are to free to use by anyone making a Trek fan production, but they would appreciate any and all donations.

We plan to initiate a fund raising campaign either on Kickstater or IndieGoGo to fund us for either Farragut's rental cost or the travel expense to the Ajax sets. We'll just have to see how the fund raising goes and which options best fits our production budget.
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