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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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Lastly: the more I see of Josh Henderson, the more I like him as John Ross. Conversely, Jesse Metcalfe annoys me more and more as Christopher, but I think that's more because of his acting and my own personal tastes regarding individual performances (long honed and at times painfully so these last two years whilst reviewing casting auditions for the show I work on.)
sooo agree on both these actors.

but am I the only one creeped out that Rebecca/ Pamela is Christopher's cousin? and that Jon Ross is now sleeping with a pregnant woman?
Pregnant women can still have sex, you know. Just sayin'...

As for Pamela/Rebecca being Christopher's cousin, it's a complicated relation.

A) Christopher is not Bobby's or Pam's biological son. Christopher is the child of Sue Ellen's sister, Kristin Shepard and Jeff Faraday.

And even if he had been Pam's biological son, it was revealed in the original series that Pam and Cliff were in actuality only half-siblings.

So even though they are sociologically "cousins," biologically there really isn't anything, genetically, to be morally against.

That said, my cousin looks a lot like Anne Hathaway and we are not related to each other by blood at all but we still think of each other as cousins and would never, in a million years think of each other as anything else, so I get why you feel like it would be weird.
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