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Thanks! That's what I thought. I had been under the impression that he was the ghost writer for a lot of novelizations credited to their filmmaker counterparts at the time-- Star Wars as George Lucas, Close Encounters of the Third Kind as Steven Spielberg, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture as Gene Roddenberry. But I recall seeing a discussion on these boards that Roddenberry actually did write his, so I wasn't sure anymore.
Roddenberry definitely did write the TMP novel. Its style is nothing like Foster's, and a lot like that of a screenwriter who's never written prose before, and it reflects Roddenberry's attitudes and interests. As I said in the comments of that post, the reasons for the myth of Foster ghostwriting it are 1) that people confuse it with the Star Wars novelization and 2) that a French translation of the novelization mistakenly credited Foster as the author (because he wrote the film's story but they omitted the credits for screenwriter Harold Livingston and novelizer Roddenberry).

The CE3K novelization was ghostwritten, but by Leslie Waller, not Foster. If people are crediting Foster with that one, it's probably another case of confusion with the Star Wars novel.

Foster's done plenty of novelizations under his own name, such as The Black Hole, the first three Alien movies, Dark Star, Outland, Clash of the Titans, The Thing, Krull, The Last Starfighter, Starman, Alien Nation, and more recent films like The Chronicles of Riddick, Terminator: Salvation, the first couple of Transformers movies, and of course the Abrams Trek movies. But as far as I can determine, Star Wars is the only novelization he ghostwrote.
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