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Re: Legal concerns

I do have a non-Trek concept I call a "long-term" project I've been developing since 1998 (when I was without a computer for 2 years and learned about a product cheaper than Lightwave, 3DS Max, and Maya). Occasionally I do tests of it. I've established some central characters, the universe (no transporters, some sort of ftl drive assisted with artificial jumpgates of limited range, and the primary star systems and aliens), and a military crisis. There are four alien races, but only two are heavily involved, and we're less than 100ly from Earth. I arbitrarily chose 200 years from my birth, which puts it right where ENT was later set, to my dismay.

Originally I had characters resembling Starfleet types as the leads, but I shifted the focus to two civilians caught in the middle, so that most of the military guys could become expendable characters.

So it borrows a little from Trek, a little from Star Wars, a little from B5, and a little from Fireball XL5.

There's still no script, and I don't know what I'd do for voices.
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