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Re: O?Neil As Garrett: A Badge Of Honor

Loved O'neil as Garrett. It's really too bad there wasn't more of her in the episode. I think there's a lot of untapped potential there.

A retelling of the Enterprise-C incident would make for an excellent film and is second on my Trek wish list after a film version of "Balance of Terror." Though, Garrett's story is quickly gaining likability, especially with the potential it has within the nuVerse.

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Wasn't Demora an ensign? What is this, JJ Abrams Star Trek? I thought you actually had to work to be promoted, and somethings even hard work didn't pay off. Just ask Harry Kim.
This was like 20 years after Generations.

Sulu had worked her way up the ranks and become Harriman's XO in the meantime.

At least I believe so. Haven't read much of that era.
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