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Re: The "original ending" of TMP?

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I dislike Betazoid telepathy (I'm more of a Babylon 5 or Miranda Jones style telepathy fan). Deltan abilities are wonderfully nebulous and wider ranging
I don't think any of the 13 "Phase II" scripts (and I've read about eight of them) bothered to develop her empathic abilities, nor did they explore the ramifications of her Oath of Celibacy and pheromones on Decker and others. We saw Troi doing Ilia's lines from "The Child" and "Devil's Due".
Yes, that I agree with (with the probable exception of the Child). I'm not suggesting that Ilia in the 80's would have been written to be more interesting than Troi - it took them a lot of years to get the hang of writing the women to be varied and versatile. I'm simply saying that the background information and the novelisation painted Deltans as far more interesting and versatile and a race with much more potential for development.

I think if Troi had been sketched out with a defined set of abilities (both racial and technical/scientific) as well as a defined racial background beyond 'telepathic' she would have been much better. Mixing and matching Troi from season one (when she behaved in a far more alien way) and seasons 6-7 might have worked better.
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