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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness App Debuts

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They should do a British verson of the app where you have to go to London, and get told "If you are standing on this exact spot in 250 years time, you will be detonated."

Thanks for the pics, SalvorHardin!
I think I read that there are versions in the works for the UK and elsewhere - just not yet released.

Edit: @TrekMovie
The "Star Trek APP" is in iTunes App store now and will be avail in Google Play soon. Will update when that happens @TrekMovie
Updating the Star Trek app update: It is "on the way" to UK and other Int' app stores but dont have an ETA
So yeah - "on the way"/no firm ETA for UK and Int'l markets. I imagine we'll be hearing more before too long, or check your friendly neighborhood app store for updates.
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