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Reading Anthony Horowitz's The House of Silk, the recent Sherlock Holmes novel that was authorized by the Conan Doyle estate.
I've been eying that one on the shelf for a while now. Definitely interested to hear if it's worth picking up. I enjoyed some of Horowitz' YA fiction years ago, and this is the guy that created Foyle's War, so hopefully it's good.
To the point where I am (seventy-five pages), I have mixed feelings.

It's very well written. The characterizations ring true (though I keep hearing Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke behind the dialogue). But it's so derivative in places that it feels more like a caricature of a Sherlock Holmes story than the genuine article. That said, something happened about ten pages back of where I am that I suspect is going to spin the novel off in a new direction, which leads me to think that the derivativeness of the first third of the book was deliberate, to ground the reader in the sense that they're firmly in Holmes' world so that Horowitz can do something original with it. Yes, that's optimism speaking.
I'm interested in hearing what you thought of it when you're done. I enjoyed the book a lot, though not quite as much as the original stories. The solution to the mystery is very, very different from anything Doyle would have written, yet the book still somehow remains convincingly in-universe. I found there was a touch of melancholy in Watson's narration at some points, as he realizes this is the last tale he'll ever tell about his friend.

I'm on something of an Agatha Christie phase at the moment; not only am I watching Poirot again, I've also listened to several audiobooks. So far I've gone through: Five Little Pigs, Murder On The Orient Express, The Mysterious Mr. Quin, and I'm halfway through Murder In Mesopotamia. All are very good audiobooks.
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