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Re: Post your desk's top (not your desktop)

trekkiedane wrote: View Post
Oh, but even glass isn't impervious to scratching -or patina as I prefer to call it
Thanks for the information. Maybe I should use a shellac or sealant, instead.

ETA: Btw, do notice that my monitors are hanging from the wall and that both keyboard and mouse are wireless! -I can't abide a messy desk!
That picture was after cleaning. I let mine get messy, then when I can't take it any longer... it gets a major cleaning!

Right now, for instance, I have 2 laptops and a desktop computer on my desk, as well as, a power box-type power source, keyboard and 2 mice. Also, a stack of papers and an external HDD. Looking at it, seems like time for one of those major cleanings...
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