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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

Trash: The return of Yo-Saff-Bridge! And Christina Hendricks shines. Let's look at her for a little bit..

She always looks a little psychotic..

I love this episode. The acting is highly nuanced I think, the scene where Mal has Saffron in the kitchen explaining the caper is so well done. The story told on the crew's faces as they absorb what stands before them I love the pace and excitement of this ep. I love seeing the floating island estate, whenever Firefly shows us the lifestyle of the wealthy in this 'verse it's great stuff. The decor, the clothing.. fascinating to look at.

And of course this is the episode that gives us more, more, more of Mal

Which frankly is adorable.

I was a little worried about Saff in that box at the end though. A few hours? What if it gets super hot?

And you know what's sad, if there had been another season of this wonderful show we might have gotten to see Christina Hendricks in this role again. Of course she could still play Saffron.. we need JJ in bed with Whedon doing a reboot!! Forget Star Wars, there's enough of that verse already!!

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