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Re: Question for the Parents on TrekBBS

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That is going to reverse as these new generations come into adult age. Majority have no discipline and have friends for parents.
Do you have evidence to substantiate that claim? Or is it just what you think you're seeing?

Because there is actual evidence showing the opposite:

In a presentation, she explained that the group of 15 experts in child development and psychology found correlations between physical punishment and an increase in childhood anxiety and depression, an increase in behavioral problems, including aggression, and impaired cognitive development—even when the child’s prepunishment behavior and development were taken into consideration.
There is no thinking, I am actually seeing it. Maybe its the region I am in but I fear for the future of the nation with the nitwits I've seen coming from the younger about to be adults generations. 650 students graduated with me, so far almost half have done nothing, a third of the half that has is pregnant with either #1 or #2 baby and they aren't in college or have decent careers.
I have seen it, too. Don't bother trying to make some of these people understand, many claiming to have open minds do not.

Contrary to their belief, not every person who spanks a child is doing it in anger. Many of us who discipline our children are teaching them valuable life lessons. I have never struck my children in anger, because I was a victim of such behavior. My children know I love them and, now that they are grown parents, appreciate the lessons they learned. They can each count on one hand the number of times they were spanked. They still remember WHY it happened each time, because I explained it to them.

Beating a child is wrong, but proper punishment of a child teaches right from wrong. My boy could probably have been beaten with a 2"x4" and laugh at you (he is still hard-headed). His worse punishments were not being allowed to go camping or fishing with his friends. My girl, however, would break with a light pop to her bottom. For her, knowing I was disappointed in her actions was usually punishment enough.
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