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That was mentioned to me recently. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of sometimes doing edits in blocks and splicing them into the main work as they were completed. There were never separate voice, music, and effects tracks except for voice in each take, which the animation was synced to. If I "remaster" it, I'd go for higher resolution, perhaps 720x480, and lay in music and effects separately. I didn't have a way to filter out background noise in the voice clips.

The entire film took 5 months. The preview was something of an afterthought, and took a full week of 12-18 hour days.

The biggest problem is the film was never completed to how I wanted. My animation software wouldn't boot due to a conflict with Sims 2, and whenever I tried to do anything with it for scene reshoots, I got a blue screen of death. I sat on it for another 4 months before finally deciding to show it at a single fan site.

It was my first attempt at anything longer than randomly done scifi tests, and perhaps too ambitious for a major project working alone with no one around to ask for technical advice.
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