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Re: Weird things we do in our sleep

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Not when I sleep, but...

When I go to bed and am ready to actually sleep, as opposed to reading or some such, I can usually be out within a minute or two at most. The key part is that I have lie down on my stomach, head to one side on the pillow, arms straight at my side with my feet hanging just over the end of the mattress. Pretty much "planking" on the bed. It's the only way I can get to sleep at night. Odd thing is that naps during the day on the couch have no such requirement.
I am exactly the opposite! Planking on my bed is my daytime nap position. I lay down like that and I am out within minutes. If I try it at night, it never works.

My old roommates used to walk past my bedroom during the day to find me planking on my bed and couldn't figure out that I was just taking a nap.
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