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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

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Since this is such a new distribution model, they'll probably be patient and just see what the viewing pace is like for a show like this. The downside is that they'd have no real incentive to tell us what they're finding. Anyway, they're scheduled for two seasons of the show so that should give them a lot of data.

And then they can also use Arrested Development to see if there's a comedy vs. drama difference, and use Hemlock Grove to see if genre stuff plays out differently. Personally, I binge view comedy the most, genre stuff maybe somewhat less, but would be most likely to pace my viewing of a political drama.
Oh, it's definitely an experiment. I guess what I'm wondering about is at what point they will decide to order more episodes or to cancel. How long do you wait for people to watch the first season (or second, in this case) before you determine whether its worth making more?
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