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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

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Well, I believe that such a scene wasn't necessary. I looked down, thought about it.. but, the story, being the archetype of the adventrue, needed to expand at that point rather than stop for reflection. The narrative was picking up momentum, and following ht beats along that path.
Not everyone had the same reaction to the scene. I think it reflects poorly on Luke's character that he could simply see the bodies of the two people who have raised him from birth brutally murdered and not even an attempt at burial -- pretty much the least of what he could have done. Agree with the OP's original post.

The narrative and it's mementum could easily have survived what would have been a nice character moment for Luke.

As for the notion that Luke's reaction was somehow iin keeping with Skywalker family mores or tradition, well I recall how irrationally upset Annakin was when his mother was killed, not to mention his reaction to the news of the death of his wife. In fact, watching Annakin/Darth's reactions to his family seemed to indicate a quite emotional attachemet. So I don't think Luke pausing a moment in his race toward Jedi-ism to at least acknowledge his aunt and uncle's deaths would have been out of hereditary character.
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