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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

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^^ I could accept all that as true if the whole series wasn't infused with a cavalier inhumanity.

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Clearly I'm WAY behind on my Clone Wars viewing...
Urk. It's a kid's show people! Maybe I should just skip the current season?
I was half joking. It was a reference to how Amidala was all turned on when Anakin committed genocide. That creeped me out as much as Luke and Leia in Episode IV.
Then wouldn't she have been more attracted to one of the dead Sandpeople? I guess this is the point at which the conversation should be dropped.

In addition to these examples, you had Han Solo, after spending a couple of years frozen in carbonite and nearly fed to a giant vagina in the sand after being woken, the first thing he does is lead a rebel strike force against the Empire's premsuably most well-defended facility.
Now that makes sense, he was pissed!
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