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Thank you for clearing that up!

I was having an unpleasant flashback to the first retail job I had while on a working holiday in England over 20 years ago. In the space of 3 hours I had one guy (not British) whistle for my attention as I finished with my customer. I walked away with great purpose towards a different customer and let someone else respond...I am not a dog! (My supervisor laughed and told me I had a few things to learn about how things worked over here).

The second guy (also not British) made a hissing sound to get service. What?? My co-workers once again talked me down. They just told me that with so many different people from so many different places shopping in the store I had to respond to everything, and accept that whatever they did was probably normal where they were from.

I had a hard time adjusting to that. I also didn't stay in that job for very long!
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