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Re: Would post-Empire New Republic accept a New Jedi Order?

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Given how much the Empire demonized and hunted the Jedi, the New Republic would have accepted the Jedi Order with open arms and as a symbol of their own legitimacy.
I think it's essentially this.

IMO, the Jedi were largely revered as peacekeepers and mediators in the pre-Empire era.
But people can be extremely ignorant sometimes. And this is a civilization that allowed a cartoon rabbit to basically give Palpatine total control and turn the Republic into a dictatorship. Chancellor Palpatine was extremely popular, given the reaction to Jar Jar's proposal and, later, Palpatine's formation of the Empire.

It's pretty likely that most of the Empire did have a problem with the Emperor, but, based on onscreen evidence (not counting novels), the Empire never really interfered with any planet (or mining colony) unless they started harboring Rebel Alliance dignitaries or offspring of Jedi. Lando Calrissian himself even stated he ran a pretty shady operation at Bespin that the Empire ignored until he came into contact with Han, Leia and Luke.

The common planet with no Rebel ties (especially the Separatist planets), I think, should be extremely wary of the Jedi regaining a foothold in New Republic affairs.
People can fear anything, but I still think the Jedi were looked more favorably upon than not.
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