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today's TREK word -- I am, I am

I am Roger Korby!

I am Kodos, if it pleases you to believe so.

I am the prosecution.

I am approximately 1500 of your Earth years old. a time traveler.

I am Landru.

I am Marplon. It is your hour.

I am the 3rd man in Reger's triad.

I am formulating a theory, captain.

I am giving orders that our attack be stopped.

I am Robert Fox.

I am truly sorry for what must happen.

I am not capable of that emotion.

I am told you participated in my rebirth.

I am surprised how little improvement there has been in human evolution.

I am willing to negotiate.

I’m saying they knew there was a risk.

I am not like you!

I am marooned here.

I am what I am, Leila.

I am the leader of this colony!

I am Ayelborne, temporary head of the council.

I am Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets.

I am the Chairman of the Council of Elders, perhaps I would do.

I am Kor, military governor of Organia.

I am Spock, a dealer in kevoss and trilium.

I am here and I will stay.

I am the Guardian of Forever.

I am both and neither. I am my own beginning, my own ending.

I am a fool.

I am endeavoring, ma'am, to construct a mnemonic memory circuit using stone knives and bearskins.

I am unconscious ...or demented.

I am Leonard McCoy, senior medical officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

I am a Vulcan. There is no pain.

I am in complete control of myself, Doctor.

I am undamaged, Captain.

I am a woman. I am all women.

I am pleased.

I am unaware of any state of war between our peoples, Captain.

I am the Te-er Akaar. I lead the Ten Tribes of Capella.

I am Apollo. I've chosen you.

And I am the tsar of all the Russias.

I am permitted this.

I am prepared.

I am to be the one. It was agreed.

I am honored.

I am at something of a loss to understand it, however.

I am still in command and I will speak for this ship.

I am in command here, according to every rule in the book, Captain.

I am the highest official.

I am ready.

I am satisfied the course of this investigation is valid enough.

I contain no parasitical beings. I am Nomad.

I am perpetual now. I am Nomad.

I am programmed to investigate.

I am perfect. I am Nomad.

I am the eyes of Vaal. He must see.

I am Akuta. I am the leader of the feeders of Vaal.

I am the eyes and the voice of Vaal.

I am Sayana.

I am not aware of anyone who fits that description, Captain.

I am frankly content to be a lesser target.

I am committing a breach of regulations by informing you of its contents.

I am instructed to wait until planet dawn over principle target to permit you to carry out our mission.

I am ordered to kill you and to proceed against the Halkans as the new captain of the Enterprise.

On the Enterprise, I am humiliated!

I am 29, and Elaine is ...

I'm 27.

No sir, I am not fit for command.

I am the captain of this ship and am totally capable of commanding it.

I am perfectly capable of speaking in my own defense, Mr. Spock.

Since I am of flag rank, I am forced by regulations to assume command.

I am quite ready now, Doctor.

I am in total control of your ship.

I am not programmed to respond in that area.

I am directed to observe the situation.

I am lying.

Fortunately, of course, I am ...immune to its effect.

I am going to report fully to the proper authorities that you have given complete access to this station.

Kirk, I am going to hold you responsible.

I am going to be there to enjoy every minute of it.

"Behold, I am the Archangel Gabriel".

I tell you I am well able to defeat you!

I am defending myself!

I am proconsul's slave Drusilla ... although for this evening ... for this evening, I was told I am your slave.

I am seeking a means of escape. Will you please be brief?

I am ordered to please you.

I am sorry I was detained.

I am volunteering myself as the blood donor.

I am a Kahn-uh-tu woman.

I am grateful.

I am Galt, Master Thrall of the planet Triskelion.

I am your drill thrall. I am called Lars.

I am chasing the captain, Lieutenant Uhura, and Ensign Chekov, not some wild aquatic fowl.

I am called Tamoon.

I am your drill thrall. I will train you well.

I am merely pursuing the only logical course available to us.

I’m responsible for the actions of my people. I demand to see the Providers.

I am in command of this vessel, and we shall continue on our present course.

I am perfectly aware that it might cost lives on Theta 7.

I am preparing a medical log entry on my estimation of the physical and emotional condition of a starship captain.

I AM asking how, mister! I want answers! Kirk out.

I am familiar with the equipment, Doctor.

I am moving slowly now, establishing course toward what appears to be the nucleus.

I am able to identify the chromosome structure.

I am slowly losing life support and minimal shield energies.

I am getting readings on small metallic objects, Captain.

I am Rojan of Kelva. I am your commander from this moment on.

I am Sargon. It is the energy of my thoughts which has touched your instruments and directed you here.

I am as dead as my planet.

I am pleased you survived.

I am not displeased, my husband.

I am so pleased the way they are responding, Doctor.

I am pleased, my beloved. It is good you have found the truth yourself.

I am honored, Doctor.

I am forced to agree with Dr. Daystrom.

I am not familiar with these instruments, Doctor.

I am most impressed with the technology, Captain.

I am Cloud William ...chief. Also son of chief.

I am a human being from the 20th century.

I am of this time period. You are not.

I am a class 1 supervisor.

I am a Beta-5 computer capable of analytical decisions.

I am aware of proper search procedures, 194.

I am looking forward to it...most eagerly.

I am not someone you can marry.

I am Petri, Ambassador of Troyius.

I am the first officer.

I am Kirok!

I am Subcommander Tal of the Romulan fleet.

I am speaking the truth for the benefit of the Enterprise and the Federation.

I am honored, Commander.

I am ready.

I am very flattered, Commander.

I am so glad.

I assure you...I am quite sane.

I am unable to lock on to the proper coordinates.

I am Luma.

I am Eymorg.

I am leader. There is no other.

I am James Kirk, the captain.

I'm Dr. Jones. The ambassador is most honored to meet you, Mr. Spock.

I am standing exactly 1 meter, 4 centimetres from the door.

I am sorry for the trouble I've brought to your ship.

I am one with Kollos.

I am Commander Loskene.

I am Natira, the high priestess of the people.

I am Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise.

I am your wife! I'm a Klingon!

Allow me to remind you that I am the head of this principality.

I am losing patience, Captain!

But I'm not afraid. I am not afraid.

I am still receiving visual contact.

I am their queen.

I am quite good at self-defense, too.

I am for you, Lieutenant D'Amato.

I am for you, Mr. Watkins.

I am unarmed. I am for him.

I am for Lieutenant Sulu.

I am Losira, Commander.

I am the last of our advance force left alive.

I am not a thief!

I am Bele.

I am chief officer of the Commission on Political Traitors.

I am captain of this ship, and it will follow whatever course I set for it, or I will order its destruction.

I am black on the right side.

I am Lord Garth, formerly of Izar, and I lead the future masters of the Universe.

I am magnanimous to my friends and merciless to my enemies.

I am primarily an explorer now, Captain Garth.

I am master of the universe, and I must claim my domain!

I am Lord Garth! Master of the universe!

I am Mr. Spock, science officer on a star ship.

I am not attempting to blame your personnel.

I am now ready to transport down to Gideon.

I am positive that I can do so to your satisfaction, Admiral.

I am speaking to you from the bridge of the Enterprise.

I am needed there now.

I am Mira Romaine.

I am here to get that zenite!

I am high advisor of all the planet.

I will take no more orders!

I am not Herbert.

I am proud of what I am.

I am assisting Mr. Spock in locating your Eden.

I am sorry, Mr. Spock.

I am close to experiencing an unaccustomed emotion.

I am Brahms.

I am Flint now, with my needs.

I am Abraham Lincoln.

I am, Doctor.

I am observing the alien.

I am pleased to see that we have differences.

I am not insensitive to it, Captain.

I am no longer President.

I am the librarian. May I be of assistance?

I am the real Mr. Atoz.

I am here, evidently, because I stepped the same instant as Dr. McCoy.

I am not from the world you know at all.

I am firmly convinced that I do exist. I am substantial.

I’m convinced of your guilt.

I am a Vulcan.

I am not Janice Lester!

I am guided by his opinion.

I am imprisoned in her body.

I am disappointed and deeply concerned...that there is no objective evidence to support my position.

I am not Captain Kirk. That is very apparent.

I am responsible. The execution will be immediate.

~ Mr Atoz

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