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Re: Barnes & Nobel shrinking

I've never really been a new book buyer. Went to U-M so I used to hang out at Borders' Mothership store. But usually, I buy used books or get books from the library. Hardcovers - never: rip-off, imho. In Michigan we can interloan from any other lib in MI, including some universities, so really anything's available for the price of your library card, i.e. free. All hail collectivism! (until it's completely dismantled)

And the above post-er was right, in-person browsing beats online. The best place in the library is the new book wall, where all fiction genres and nonfiction categories are within the same glance. I've gotten things there I NEVER would've consciously browsed toward, including a book on business that changed my life. (Prompted me to write the book linked-to in my sig.)
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