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Re: Norway-class Navigational Deflector?

They were never identified as anything specific. They WERE eventually modeled into the NX-01, where they are described as "Warp core output transfer junctions". BOTH of these were directly inspired from the engine superchargers on the P-38 Lightning. Here:

As for the Norway's detailed specs, good luck - it was a low-res model (even for the day) that was subsequently lost. Very little true information exists as there wasn't that much thought put into the design in the first place - which naturally led to a lot of fan speculation over the years. I'm a big fan of the Norway having some sort of variable-geometry nacelles, perhaps an analog or precursor of the Intrepid class. The Norway's nacelles look almost as though as they are on rails and can slide forward and back; some think that the nacelles struts themselves can angle up or down. It's highly doubtful this was ever built into the 1996 model, but it would be great if someday the original designer would remember if that was the intent.

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...

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