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Re: Star Trek Begins - A New Direction

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We are looking into using either the Farragut Films starship sets in Georgia, or the Starship Ajax sets in Oklahoma. The Farragut sets would be closer to our home base (North Carolina), but they charge a fairly steep rental fee. The Ajax sets are about three times the travel distance, but they offer the use of their sets freely (but I'm sure they would appreciate a donation to their studio). So we have to compare travel cost & distance to the Ajax sets to rental cost of the Farragut sets. This will be the determining factor in which sets we use.

We would also love to be able to do some "re-dressing" of their sets to make the bridge look more like the Pike bridge. This would be done by simply covering things like the bridge railing with cloth and slipping a cover around the helm/navigation console. We would not be repainting or do anything to damage the surface of their sets. So the ability or the permission to "re-dress" the bridge will be a factor too.
That sounds great and all, but I would probably wait untill you have something actually set up with the parties that be, before you announce what you plan on doing with their bridge sets. I also don't think that the cost factor should be discussed in a forum like this, as that should be kept between you and whichever group you end up renting from.

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