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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

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and then his family turns up extra crispy after he realizes that something might be up with the droids.
He realized something was up before returning to the homestead; remember, it was the realization that Stormtroopers were killing witnesses while on the trail of the droids which filled him with fear for their safety, and sent him racing home.
Indeed! Which is why I wrote that "his family turns up extra crispy after he realizes that something might be up with the droids."

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As for the OP, as someone else said...the fact that he calls them "Aunt and Uncle" says that somewhere along the line Owen and Beru had second thoughts about this whole 'getting a baby dumped on us' thing. Besides we only know Luke was given to them as a baby from ROTS, does it say anywhere in Star Wars (I refuse to call it A New Hope) how old he was when they started raising him?
No, but we can assume from Return of the Jedi that he was very young, since he tells Leia he has no memory of his real mother and there is absolutely nothing at all to suggest that there was some other intermediary family.

I don't think it's fair to say that the fact that Luke addresses them with the titles of Uncle and Aunt implies they have a sour relationship. Excluding the prequel movies, we have to assume that either Owen Lars and his wife, Beru, took in the boy at a very young age and have no relationship to him, but encouraged Luke to call them Uncle and Aunt to make him feel like he was among family or else that Beru was Anakin's sister and Owen was his brother-in-law and the Beru was Luke's natural aunt (not Owen, because otherwise his name should probably also be Skywalker instead of Lars.) The Prequels do establish that, in fact, Owen was Anakin's step-brother and they barely ever met and that Obi-wan made the hand-off of baby Luke when he was mere weeks old.

Luke is a nineteen year old kid who wants "to get off this rock" so, naturally, there's some tension between him and his father-figure, as I expect is true between the majority of teenagers and authority figures. But it's clear that both Owen and Beru care for Luke. Beru tries to convince Owen to let him go because he's "just not a farmer" and says so in a loving tone... not at all dismissive of Luke's feelings. And then Owen reveals why he doesn't: he's afraid that Luke will be "too much like his father" and go off and get himself in trouble. For all we know, Owen may just believe that Anakin was killed when the Jedi were hunted down by the Empire, so that's why he lied to Luke and made him accept as fact the much more boring idea that Anakin was a simple navigator on a spice freighter. If we go ahead and admit as evidence the prequels, then Owen probably does have an image in his mind of Anakin being kind of a weird guy. Granted, they only meet while Anakin is trying to find his mother and then is around for his mourning of her, and we have no reason to assume that he ever knew anything about the slaughtering of the sandpeople, but maybe he was left with a low opinion of Anakin anyhow.

I do not see any evidence that Owen and Breu had anything but a healthy, normal relationship with their "nephew"/informally adopted son.

Also, I'm not questioning the mythological archetype of Star Wars or it's position in time having been released in the grim-dark of the 1970's, All I'm saying is that it strikes me as odd that Luke never acknowledges this later in the movie. It is an oversight in the screenplay, but it doesn't effect my enjoyment of the film. I still love Star Wars and enjoy it every time I see it, warts and all.

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