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Re: Post your desk's top (not your desktop)

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Did you see what's under "ASUS"? Also I keep the power under my desk too.
It took me a moment, but I believe that's Mr. Worf!

As for the power supply, do you tend to bump against it with your shoe, knocking it out of the wall, causing everything to shut off? Because I do that often enough that I mention it here.

Part of the reason is because our outlets are very old, and no longer hold plugs very well.
Yep, it's Worf. I had a creepy smiling Riker sticker on the inside but it fell off at some point. Also I'm like 5'1" so I'm never hitting anything with my feet. I'm lucky if they reach the ground when I'm in a chair! Plus I'd never wear shoes in a house.

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I'm a bit messy. I can hear John hyperventilating from here.
Yours isn't really messy. Dimesdan's does stress me a bit though. My desk has a lot on it but I try to keep it organized.
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