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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

To the best of my knowledge - which is limited - this kind of billing is not a matter of SAG rules but is negotiated by the actors.

If I'm an actor who has been successfully negotiating a certain level of credit and pay in movies and I accept less than that for a given appearance when I could get more, I'm taking money out of the pockets of people like my manager and/or agent as well as giving leverage to the producers on the next project ("You worked for less for Codswallop: The Movie, didn't you? Why them and not us?"). If I'm an actor who's in demand you're not only buying my talent but my reputation. Whether Marlon Brando delivered a performance worth what he was paid for Superman, for example, is a matter of opinion; however, Richard Donner noted that signing Brando essentially got the movie made and got it the budget it needed.
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